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it will get within 17,200 miles. that's lower than the orbit of satellites and the closest approach by a space rock in more than a century. it poses no danger, good thing, to us here on earth. if it fell to earth it could explode with the force of an atomic bomb. a five-day long ordeal has come to an end for the cruise ship "triumph." the ship docked in alabama. mark potter is in mobile where he watched the ship come in. mark, one passenger we heard had a stroke. what about the others? >> reporter: the other passengers all said they were very glad to be off that ship. in fact, many of them were cheering along the rails when that ship made its way to dock. some said that -- all of them said the situation there just became increasingly bad. the sanitary conditions, living conditions, ultimately becoming unbearable. some said the worst time for them, though, was at the beginning, at the time of that engine fire when they just
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didn't know what happened. they weren't properly informed, they felt, and they didn't know to the degree to which they were in danger. many of them highly praised the crew members saying they worked very hard to make the passengers feel comfortable, saying they saw many acts of kindness on the part of crew members also passengers on behalf of fellow passengers of the "triumph" arrived at port at about 10:15 p.m., coming in, taking about an hour to dock of the carnival ceo then went aboard to talk to the passengers and publicly apologize to them. the passengers were allowed to disembark. it took about three hours to pull them off the ship. some were greeted by relatives here in mobile. others took buses to new orleans and galveston. the ship itself will be taken to a shipyard for an investigation. an investigation is degree done to find what caused that fire. this is historic.
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senate republican blocked chuck hagel to be secretary of defense. it's a move that plays politics with the pentagon, a move to stop debate and failed confirmation 58-40. it is the first time a defense secretary nominee has needed to clear 60 votes. the move is likely to further strain partisan tensions less than a month into president obama's second term. >> my expectation and hope is that chuck hagel, who richly deserves to get a vote on the floor of the senate will be confirmed as our defense secretary. it's just unfortunate that this kind of politics intrudes at a time when i'm still presiding over a war in afghanistan. >> there are still questions outstanding. i believe that senators have the right to have those questions answered. >> some senators say they want
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to examine information regarding u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. some say after next week's recess, though, hagel will be ultimately confirmed. during a live streaming google hangout chat thursday president obama defended his administration's use of drones in the war on terror insisting everything the government has done is legal. he did admit the public should know more about how that program works. >> what i think is absolutely true is that it is not sufficient for citizens to just take my word for it that we're doing the right thing. >> a classified memo recently revealed u.s. citizens suspected of terrorism have been targets of drone attacks and strikes. when asked if the u.s. could target americans on american soil, the president said no. olympian oscar pistorius is behind bars. he's accused of shooting his model girlfriend, reeva
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steenkamp inside his home, a crime prosecutors said was premeditat premeditated. he walked into court with his head bowed and broke down in tears. they have given few details other than she died of multiple gunshot wounds. earlier reports speculated she might have been mistaken as a burglar. squandering her entire fortune, mauereen o'connor embezzled the money set up by her husband's foundation, former jack in the box restaurants. now the 66 yearly is in quite a financial hole, saying she will repay $2 million she took from a charity and gambled away. she blamed an addiction to video poker and a brain tumor. now with the weather, bim karen
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-- bill karins is here with the weather. the reason it's so nice in the west, typical flip-flop thing. when we see the big trough in the cold air in the east, a ridge and warm-up. that's the case this upcoming weekend. so watching some frigid arctic air from the north poll, hudson bay, eastern u.s., watching the jet stream do a dip, not nice warmth in the northwest. cold air minneapolis 7, denver 18. notice we're okay, seattle at 44. you shouldn't get much colder than that. clear skies, medford 34, vegas and phoenix jacket weather still. sunshine this afternoon especially northern half of arizona, these little high clouds trying to stream in. should be good. maybe san diego dealing with more clouds, expect earl today. hoping this afternoon we'll get you some sunshine. told you it's a nice day today and stays nice this weekend. 79 in l.a., breezy in the mountains, 76 in phoenix and no complaintsve a storm coming thrh
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showers and clouds in the west. i'll give you your complete president's day weekend coming up. >> thanks, bill. wall street feeling the love on valentine's day to the tune of $40 million, big apple may get sweeter for pot smoker. a man convicted of killing her twin sister. that incredible story in two minutes.
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welcome back. stories making news. remains found in a charred california cabin identified as christopher dorner, the fugitive ex-cop that led people on a manhunt where four people were killed. back to school for president obama. the president was in gorge touting his early childhood
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education program. he was quite a hit with the kids, even sitting down with them during class. beginning next month suspects will be given a desk appearance rather than spending the night in jail. advocates of same-sex marriage, state senators passing a bill to legalize unions after delays, now heads to the state house for approval. in oregon same sex spouse of a military member will be burr yerd at arlington cemetery. a woman in argentina marries a man convicted of killing her twin sister. her identical twin sister was shot and killed in 2010 at the age of 19. her boyfriend at the time was convicted and is serving a 13-year prison sentence. who said chews gum in class would never get you anywhere. one artist in the ukraine is making the most of it. anna sophia uses a sticky
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substance to make portraits of celebrities like:on john and steve jobs. hues separated into different colors and heated in a microwave. researchers at a florida clinic are using one of the most poisonous animals on the planet to help cancer survivors. they are testing a new drug that uses toxins from the puffer fish to eliminate long-term pain caused by chemotherapy. one person said she was pain-free after receiving those injections. unfortunately the drug is still years away from being approved. take you to wall street. it may not be so smooth sailing for carnival as the cripple he would ship was towed to shore, trading fell. on the up side ups got a boost after increasing dividend a nickel a share. the week's wheeling and dealing
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continued, heinz ketchup sold for $23 billion to warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. shares of anheuser busch, in bev and grupo modelo were higher after inbev changed the $20 million acquisition with the brewer. they were worried about lack of competition. scrapping lithium batteries in a-350s, tiffany & company filed a federal lawsuit against costco thursday claiming it falsely sold diamond engagement rings in their stores under the tiffany name. walmart's british supermarket discovered horse dna in it's beef bolognese sauce. women making strides but still short when it comes to pay. new labor data shows women make
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81% compared to their male counter-parts last year. a very happy valentine's of dave and nancy honeywell. they collected a $207 million jackpot, a one-time payment of $136 million. the odds of that win, 1 in 175 million. straight ahead, kangaroos take over a golf tournament and lebron hands kevin a big one just before the all-star break. you're watching early "today."
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stories that caught our eye this morning. in connecticut, thousands came out to rally for gun control. marches for change coincided with the two-month anniversary of the sandy hook tragedy. governor dan malloy and sister teacher victoria soto spoke at the rally. in massachusetts this store clerk quick on the draw. a knife wielding burglar got more than he bargained for when the clerk armed himself with a sword. it was no match for the three-inch blade. he made a hasty retreat. a woman found herself trapped in a garbage truck after nighttime dumpster diving. the truck did not see or hear her inside. her sister ran to the truckdriver saving the girl from
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being crushed. rescue workers pulled her to safety. covered in mashed potatoes. the truck crashed into a road sign on its way to deliver a load of sweet potatoes to a local grocery store. the driver was sent to the hospital. the crews were left to clean up the massive pile of spuds. finally in san diego, seaworld welcomed a new bundle of joy on valentine's day. the park released video of the killer whale giving birth to a 300 pound calf before coming up for air and taking its place at mom's side. the miracle of life right there on video. in sports overtime in college basketball, unranked minnesota got a three-point tore take the lead over number 20 wisconsin. the gold e en gophers got the ut victoria. thomas second half layup gave the buckeyes a lead, topped all scores 22, ohio state defeating northwestern 69-59. just before the all-star break in the nba a rematch of
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last year's finals miami against oklahoma city. lebron james pouring in 39 points as the heat pounded the thunder 110-100. to golf down under as kangaroos race across the course a new star jumps out at the lead at the australian women's open, 15-year-old lydia made incredible shots and putts. lydia was born in south korea and garn playing golf at 5 years old in new zealand. she is also the youngest player to win on the lpga tour. daytona 500 on the 24th will dedicate a car to the 26 victims at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the number 26 car, driven by two-time daytona 500 winner michael waltrip also calls on fans to text donations to the newtown school support fund. just ahead before you, bling, plus is bruce willis's nine lives about up with the latest installment of the
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diehard franchise? you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today" on this friday, looking at a beautiful weekend forecast in almost all areas of the west, even trying to warm up in the northwest. today sunglasses from utah to california. portland 50, still fighting the clouds in the northwest. want to mention sacramento, you're going to look for very nice conditions, 69 on saturday, sunday right around 66. for everybody else, watch some showers in the northwest on
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saturday. i guess not ruining your weekend plans. >> if you do go inside we have some movies to watch. >> not good ones, clunkers. the fifth installment in the diehard franchise expected to rake in the most crash despite terrible reviews equaling bad criticism. nicholas sparks "safe haven." and the twilight crowd, no he said to their supporters. maggie smith, one of the stars of downtown abbey has never seen her show. she thinks doing so may make her agonize over the performance. she may someday end up watching the show. that's interesting. no critique. new york's fashion week hand in hand for all the celebs that want to be see and be seen. jessica chastain down the
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runway. michael douglas enjoyed seeing all the new fashions. it's always star-studded. with oscars over a week away, actresses are busy getting their gowns busy for the big night. the host seth macfarlane has his, tuxedos, courted by jewelers begging him to wear diamond tie clips. they love you now. will they love you after the hosting giggity. this comes from orlando, florida where one little piggy made it all the way home with the help of a sweet set of wheels. he was born without functioning hind legs and was nearly euthanized because of it. one vegetarian fashioned a wheelchair for the little guy made out of his son's toys. he may outgrow the ride but not his love. this is the first stop
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"today" on your nbc station.
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from stranded ships at sea to watergate moments on land, nbc's mara schiavocampo takes a look back at a historic week. >> a twister made for a stormy start to the week. a little rain couldn't stop mardi gras parades, while over in rome a bolt of lightning from the sky following big news from the pope. >> he is stepping down as leader of the catholic church. >> popes can do that? i assume the papacy was a
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lifetime commitment like being in the mob or correspondent on "60 minutes." >> closer to home a terrifying manhunt came to an end. thankfully some other scary moments turned out to be fake. >> reported the bodies of the dead rising attacking the living. nothing to fear as stars rocked the red carpet and kept it mostly pg. as for kate upton's swimsuit repeat, maybe pg-13, sparks fly for the chinese new year while we gave the highest award to one of our bravest. his active little boy captured in action. who didn't go for little joe, the afterno the affenpinscher. it would have been less awkward if he reached down the front of his pants to get it.
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it would have been less awkward had he been wearing one of these. >> valentine's day came and went, but no love for chuck hagel. >> i'm going to hit you and keep hitting you. absolutely. >> meantime politics got rough overseas with smashing and splashing on tv. italian through citrus, not fists. boy, can they beat the pope from an orange. acrobatic escape from avalanche of snow, high-speed race ended in chopper explosion. when we think of people stranded on the cruise ship from hell, we just want to scream. >> that was bill karins earlier this week trying to do a scream. that's probably my favorite moment of the week. how about you? >> favorite moment? the little piglet video is cute with the wheels. >> the water bottle, endless. >> how not to grab the water bottle when you've got cotton
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mouth. >> thanks a lot, bill. great weekend for you ahead, i hope. here is a look at what's coming up later on the "today" show. passengers from the disabled carnival cruise ship recount their harrowing ordeal and matt and savannah check out what beantown has to offer. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather and sports. richard
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>> someone is banging with their life vest on. grab your life vest. we thought we were going to die. >> the nightmare vacation finally over for thousands of cruise ship passengers.
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they're now on dry land and they are telling their stories. in court and crying. olympic oscar pistorius faces murder charges this morning. we give you a live look from san francisco, the city by the bay. that's the bay bridge. good news. it is friday, february 15th. this is "today in the bay." always something to make you smile. friday. it is 4:31. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon and marla. good friday morning to you at home. what a beautiful day shaping up. following a gorgeous day. temperatures this morning are nice and mild because we ramped up to 75 degrees in santa cruz yesterday. other cities hit about 70 degrees all across the bay area. we had some really great weather and to i

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